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Beyond the ‘material’/’spiritual’ morass…

May 23rd, 2018 · No Comments

We have often cited the thinker j.g. bennett on the issues of reaching a consistent terminology that stands beyond false distinctions of ‘material’ and ‘spiritual’. The latter constantly confuse the issue and end up in a mess of pottage. Bennett had a useful trick

to bypass the whole dilemma: a triad (not a duality) of ‘Being, Function, Will’: the distinction of material and spiritual simply disappears, more or less. Matter and consciousness then become aspect of ‘being’ in a polarity reconciled in a larger perspective,…etc…In fact a universal materialism at all scales and levels can reenter, but only in the context of a kind of abbreviation of complex terms. The material is well-defined on most scales until suddenly in the realm of quantum mechanics the issues become suddenly complicated. Etc…
Unfortunately science current can’t complete the full argument of the kind bennett uses to integrate the spiritual and material, leaving the term ‘spiritual’ behind, more or less.
There are many precursors of this and even plato begins with a sense of this (plato’s cave issues): figures such as kant/schopenhauer clearly prefigure this and also move past the remaining (over)simplifications of bennett with their sense of the ‘noumenal’. Scientists have not really repaired the confusions of spiritual and material distinctions…
Bennett and the mystery of evolution
February 8th, 2018 ·

Strange to say, the discovery of a real theory of evolution isn’t going to be easy. Stranger still, the only thinker I know of who came close is J.G.Bennett, although I do not accept his overall framework in The Dramatic Universe, but his distinction of the hyponomic, autonomic, and hypernomic realms of nature lays the groundwork, one suspects, for a new form of physics/cosmology in which life emerges in a kind of dialectical triad of higher and lower ‘nature’. What is that???? Science hasn’t yet really discovered the hypernomic although it would seem to be present as natural organisms evolve consciousness and man his ‘will’. The hypernomic has a conceptual connection with will, but more properly in the the sense of Schopenhauer, full stop. We can’t get any further and stay in the realm of science.
Bennett’s remarkable construct suggests that physics/cosmology must resolve the fine-turning argument and move to a form of a ‘theory of involution’, hopefully far beyond the absolute crud of new age versions of the idea. Involution must be hiding somewhere in ‘inflation theory’ and cosmological evolution must somehow create a something that can clarify the emergence of life. We won’t see involution as a physics concept but fine-tuning arguments are some kind of equivalent, perhaps.
Schopenhauer to clarify the idea of ‘will’ a bit saw the close connection of ‘scientific laws’ to his sense of the term ‘Will’ in nature. Bennett’s set of three realms is withing the scale of material nature and is probably a version of the only way to bypass creationist superstitions…

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