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breaking out of marx mania…//The Significance of Karl Marx

May 25th, 2018 · No Comments

We have suggested the danger of theories and the need to break away from the endless defense of marx’s corpus ad infinitum. Historical materialism, whatever the term means, is one of those targets that gets a marxist platform in trouble. In fact, the analysis of class works perfectly well on its own terms without the whole set of controversial positions that in the end cripple attempts to deal with capitalism.
One of these surely is the useless battle over materialism and idealism. Who the blazes cares any more over this duality: adopt both perspectives dialectically and don’t isolate the left in a futile and sterile brand of dated scientism.
Dogmatic defenders of marx/marxism fail to see that a rough restatement and recombination from the marxist deck, open to critique of the legacy and unburdened from the cement block issues that seem unimportant now…

On the bicentennial of Marx’s birth, it’s intellectually shameful (though predictable) that idealism is still the primary tendency in scholarship and journalism. I’ve criticized bourgeois idealism elsewhere, for example here, here, and here, but it is worth discussing again because of how dominant it is, and how damaging.

Source: The Significance of Karl Marx

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