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 but xtianity also a shambles…//Atheist Activists Lament a Movement in “Shambles” | Evolution News

May 26th, 2018 · No Comments

We should note first that christianity (and islam) are themselves a shambles…
We have been critical of the ‘new atheism’ for years but at the same without really engaging the ‘god’ question which is undecidable, resulting in atheist fallacies confronting theistic fallacies.
And a strange illiberal strain entered the movement, with sam harris himself who bought into the 9/11 false flag op (controversial on both sides, of course) and put ‘war on terror’ propaganda and islamophobia into the mix. The movement got into a confusion of attacking ‘religion’ in general as a category based mostly on the issues of monotheism, with an ignorance of the history of religion and mostly everything else. The term ‘religion’ could just as well apply to the new atheist movement itself.
Kantian issues of metaphysics could have given some discipline to the movement but the adoption of straight scientism made the warnings of that figure ‘unheard of’. And the question of ‘god’ can’t be finally resolved: debunking the pop theism of christians and moslems is one thing but the larger semantics of the ‘god’ question require a kind of discretion, what if a hindu advaitist uses the term ‘god’? Blanket new atheism can’t distinguish the dialects of usage. Nor could the movement consider the ‘atheist religion’ of buddhism, for example.
The focus on a kind of dawkins fundamentalism made the movement unable to compete with the right wing religious critics of darwinism and the selectionist mythology critiquing design arguments was an egregious core fallacy of the new ‘atheist’ non-theology…
The confusions go on and on, and the opportunity to really produce a critique of monotheism slipped away…

Source: Atheist Activists Lament a Movement in “Shambles” | Evolution News

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