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The confusions of marxism have left the left stalled…

June 1st, 2018 · No Comments


We were perhaps less than kind to these comrades’ realization of the limits of the ‘usual lefts’…In fact, we must note a frequent phenomenon: as disillusion with the pseudo-lefts takes hold in leftists seeing that the problem is capitalism itself they are immediately driven quite naturally to dust off marx/marxism, not seeing another trap before them…
We can try to summarize some of our critical corpus here:

marxist theory contains flaws that made the second international fail
the bolsheviks blew a great opportunity because of this
never defining a communist system left a void filled by stalinism
communists must state in advance a detailed system that is fair, contains rights, and addresses one-party traps…plus much else
stages of production theory is not the science claimed
there is no inherent historical reason communism should replace capitalism
the result must be constructed based on a comprehensive social logic
the best way, rather than destroy liberalism, hence ‘democracy’ (so-called) is to base democracy on communism…
historical materialism is not a viable historical theory
the debate between materialism and idealism is futile…
marxism has been critiques hundreds of times, but marxists are unaware of the literature
repetition of the past if futile, but much of marxism if recycled can be reused
the dialectic has created an illusory canon that makes marxists muddleheaded
marx misunderstood markets, despite his profound general orientation
the calculation debate has confused everyone
communist might well preserve markets but only in a system based on a Commons, the expropriation of private property
revolutionary marxism stands with its own failures in symmetry with the failures of social democracy
because of bolshevism the left ran out of steam in and around the sixties
thus, repeating marxist formulas tends to produce no result, despite handwringing to revive the left
marxism had no real ecosocialist platform (despite the nonsense peddled by attempts to backdate marx)
the emphasis on the working class is either fundamental or the wrong approach:
the working class isn’t really revolutionary now…
we suggested an analogous yet fresh approach: a focus on a/the ‘universal class’
the suggestion of worker control is one thing, but the endgame is always another elite:
we must failsafe a neo-communism with a strategy as to elites and one party monopolies…
much of marxism is salvageable: studies of class, ideology, economic issues beyond marx’s brittle theories
marx had a lot of brilliant ideas, but his economic theories don’t finally gel, and neo-classical economics soon bypassed his flawed value theory…
but the subject needs a new name, not based on a founder/savior logic, ‘marxism’…attempts to attack capitalism with the usual round of paeans to marx simply backfires at this point, and leftists end scratching their head, where’s our movement…
marx and bakunin were a curious duality: but anarchists have in their own way sabotaged revolutionary logic…(our manifestos try to integrate the two)

We have multiple books on these issues beginning with two manifestos: history-and-evolution.com lists some of them…
we also have several kindle books of archived posts from this blog…

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