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The eonic effect/model as an accessory tool…

June 1st, 2018 · No Comments

Our critique of marxism mentioned the issue of historical theories but not the so-called ‘eonic effect’ which has been frequently discussed here. Marxist historical theories don’t really work (ditto for all the others).
Unfortunately the stark simplicity of the data, if not the model, has made it seem incomprehensible, but the model used carefully exposes at once the inadequacy of materialist, idealist and/or religious and/or economic models of history. The usual study of history as ‘flat history’ is the inevitable choice but this range of approaches leaves the student bewildered without realizing it. And in this context the issue of darwinian evolution has taken root as the arch-theory of history and culture. But darwinism is easily exposed as is ‘random evolution’.

We can propose a strategy without reference to the ‘eonic effect/model’ which is pre-theoretical, and simply maps out an empirical flat history, but then asks using a matrix/grid and/or frequency analysis if history shows any kind of non-random process.
The answer is affirmative and one can proceed to a minimalist study of the eonic effect, renamed as you please.
The point here is the realization dawns that while man makes himself there is a hidden driver effect behind human history. If we fail to realize how much our history is generated we will fail to see the dangers of social creation…we can equally challenge the view that capitalism can generate our real future…
We can thus adopt a take it or leave it approach to this seemingly bizarre ‘theory’ but get the benefit of forcing ourselves to take a hard look at history…

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