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cosmic bodies, the ‘will’ in nature and life’s narrow spectrum next to the hypernomic…//First contact: what if we find not organic life but ET’s AI? | Aeon Essays

June 7th, 2018 · No Comments

The distinctions of hyponomic, autonomic, and hypernomic (via bennett) remind us that the forms of life are only a narrow spectrum that barely touch a fringe of a larger systematics…perhaps a clue…

Let’s recall that in bennett’s systematics (which i don’t accept, but always find provocative) the ‘will’ and involution are connected in the scheme of galaxies, stars and planets (including biospheres which cradle life): this not the same as saying these entities are alive.
Note that ‘will’ here is closer to schopenhauer in the sense of being closer to the idea of ‘scientific law’ than to the idea of a ‘human will’. I don’t trust my own assertions here, but the alien life issue may be less paradoxical than it seems…
AI doesn’t quite work here. Machines are not alive!

We have related issues and themes via religion: i.e. what is enlightenment, passage beyond rebirth, the nature of death, souls, etc…We have barely scratched the surface of possible answers (and questions) here…We are systematically ignorant, so far, of the nature of the universe…

Source: First contact: what if we find not organic life but ET’s AI? | Aeon Essays

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