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base-building and the trump base…??//Base-building or Bolshevism?

June 14th, 2018 · No Comments

After all this time the left is still at the stages of base building. All well and good, but it would seem that something is missing, and that we have entered a new period requiring a fundamental revision of the dominant marxism. We have proposed dozens of new ideas here, including two manifestos and a range of concepts that can break the mechanization of thought.
A first consideration will strike many marxists as sheer heresy:
what is the obsession with the working class. In the us trump seems to have claimed a large chunk of it and it is decidedly not revolutionary. The real working class is global and current movements have no way to communicate effectively. It seems futile to speak of the working class without a direct reference to, say, the chinese proletariat that is a real proletariat for the us economy. Further a form of cognitive dissonance arises from the way such a proletariat is already, supposedly, part of a socialist worker’s state: the chinese/north korean systems are already workers’ states, yes…? quite obviously not but the shared terminology is jamming everyone’s thought lines. You have to press the reset button, and reinvent ‘marx’.
A new formulation and terminology is needed.
We have discussed here many times a useful reformulation around the idea of ‘the’ or ‘a’ universal class. This is compatible with thinking in terms of the working class, but resets the concept to its correct domain, which is more than factory workers in large plant.
Next, the whole baggage of marxist theory just doesn’t work anymore, if it ever really worked. We have suggested the fallacies of historical materialism and stages of production theory and tried to recast the issue of communism in a new way, our democratic market neo-communism. In general a fresh approach is needed on the left, one that is free from the sheer weight of cliches/mechanical thinking inherited from the earlier generation of marx/engels and the original internationals…

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