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Democracy and communism

June 14th, 2018 · No Comments

R48G: the consensus on democracy as a consensus on socialism/communism…private property the original sin of the capitalist illusion
June 3rd, 2017 ·
The marxist/leninist left still persists in its frozen mindset even as the evidence makes obvious that it won’t sell anymore, for reasons that are not surprising. But the reality is, or should be, that if democracy is the core of a consensus then it should about some form of socialist foundation (our DMNC is one example) because the fiction of democracy staged in a capitalist system is so strong its victims, even on the left, can’t break through the illusion. Here the traditional canon is right, and yet has lost the ability to really make their case because they have to carry an immense amount of baggage, from marxist theory or the obsessive defense of Lenin. Forget all that and consider a hybrid of liberalism and communism: lost is the realization that the two are related at their core: we should bring communism to liberalism and liberalism to communism, redrafting the ‘consensus’ on new form of ‘obviousness’ and transparency.

The key is to see that a democratic system can’t function under the domination of capital as private property. All the elements of such properties are really a part of a natural Commons, on loan, at best, and subject to return to a commonality that gives true substance to democratic equality.

Let us note that a compromised version or versions is possible: nationalization of capital properties within state and systematic regulation of the ‘without’ could create a transitional vehicle on the order of British Labor history, etc…
But in the end compromise fails, as indeed is clear from the case of the British Labor party…

All of this is very obvious, in fact we have always had a leftist consensus, with a new format if that can disengage from archaic marxist/leninist shibboleths.


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