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R48G: a new leftist package…with hearing distance of the DSA muddle et al

July 2nd, 2018 · No Comments

We have seen Ocasio-Cortez and the DSA produce a remarkable mini-breakthrough along referenced socialist lines. But in the system we have now we might wonder if socialism’s fate is sealed in the context of current politics. But also hope to be overheard moving still further to the left with the revolutionary/evolutionary dilemma lurking in the wings. Just at that point the twin confusions of social democracy and marxism to a high probability will wreck all chances. The left has about one chance left. Let’s not blow it. But the left has already blown it, so we go into overtime with one more chance, once more.
As the socialist option becomes more popular we should thus move to the background/foreground? with a more comprehensive version of our ‘democratic market neo-communism’, with its two manifestos, and this echoes marxism as a saga of the year 1848 but is totally distinct and this also can answer to the inexorable critics who will equate this with the historical legacies, bolshevism…etc…It is essential that this be ‘from scratch’ and never get in the rut or fall for the bait of trying to defend marx, lenin, etc…The answer to all such is that communism is not a marxist monopoly and our starting point is the birth of communism in the wake of the French Revolution and/or 1848. A radical break puts all that in the rear view mirror.
This can invoke the marx/engels saga but does not as such depend on the theories of marx. It will reference the Communist Manifesto, but never refer to Capital or the other cement block books of the marx cult that have totally confused socialists/communists.
This approach critiques stages of production theory, dismisses leninism/stalinism, does not call itself marxist, puts democratic revolution front and center while claiming that a version of neo-communism is required for a ‘real democracy’. It points to the creation of a Commons, which is the expropriation of capital, but which can coexist with a dual system of planned and market sectors (where entrepreneurs can license resources from the Commons) (with a third indifference sector at the low end). This approach distances itself from social democratic options and their predictable passage to oblivion. At one and the same time this package can be used by those who stall at the threshold of revolutionary expropriation and wish an evolutionary path, and might demur at the question of expropriation. Such are welcome to use parts of our formulation but we can’t as such predict the consequences: more and more compromises will enter and the endgame will be attempts to pledges to raise the minimum wage and hand wringing about a working class party to say nothing of making the democratic party socialist. It is also possible that an electoral apocalypse and/or constitutional refoundation could set the DMNC in place. Is this unfair? How could any group expect a revolutionary outcome.
This package is adaptable to socialism in one country but will definitely adopt a position as to a ‘first and last international’. It will be a system that can interact with outstanding capitalist systems but with ultra careful oversight of the inexorable ‘capital wars’ such entities will attempt.
This package includes much that needs more work: a democratic congress, a presidential ‘guardian’, ecological courts, economic courts and mediators, etc… The congressional system must be perfect as to freeing itself from exterior monies: viz. all campaigns will be in a public domain with no paid advertising, as one possibility.
This package requires additional work on questions (in an american version) of covert agencies, criminal histories of the us government, stances on imperialism, etc…

This is a system that can be made to work because it is intersection of things we know can ‘work’: it is communism adapted to liberalism, and a liberalism adapted to communism. It is not a social democratic hodgepodge and can conceptually be a tool to reckon the fecklessness of the current left.

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