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Do we have a left?

July 7th, 2018 · No Comments

At a time of extraordinary crisis the remarkable fact is that we don’t really have a left apart from the dysfunctional disorganization of issue activists. We have tried to isolate the many factors here:

the limits of marxism
anarchist noise factors (the inability of anarchists to do their own subject)
gandhian paralysis of tactics
inability to define a socialist platform
the abuse of the term socialism for social democracy
fragmentation of issue activism
issues of identity politics and loss of focus
lack of an ecological socialism
Overall, we can see that the left can’t even stage a public protest march as the police militarization factor closes in on all protest.
The climate catastrophe has confronted the left with a revolutionary necessity even as its impotence seems to be terminal
R48G: The crisis in evolutionary leftism…
July 7th, 2017 ·

A degree by degree explanation of what will happen when the earth warms

We are very close to a terminal stage of human civilization, indeed, of human evolution as we stand at the threshold of runaway climate change. As the left, whatever that means, equivocates the fine points of ‘socialism’ meaning social democratic high hopes and accomplishes mostly nothing the limits of social reform confront the dangers and obstacles to revolutionary options.
As to the latter we can at least say that events have made its options into paradox: we are powerless in a system of near totalitarian power, and probably doomed unless we can stage an intervention in a system where the president of the United States has exited a climate treaty and among a long list of ‘crimes’ withdrawn regulation of drinking water for millions of people, threatening to murder millions by sabotaging health care. All bets are off, and everyone reaches for their sixshooter. The revolutionary option can become an obligation.
In the sentiments of the ‘rebs’ at the dawn of the american revolution, but with far greater justification in our own case given the fact that ‘yankee lunatics’ are bent on planetary destruction, we are at the brink of demanding a revolutionary re-foundation. We should at least assert this option even if we are confronted by monstrous state power. It is almost a duty to at least propose this strategy to jolt the left out of its passivity and turning in circles.
Therefore, we simply ask, how could a determined group of men bring about revolutionary change against odds confronting, here, the US system with its corrupt politics (but with a mind to an international) with its atomic weapons, its military, its covert agencies, its domination by capitalist agencies, … Let us note that despair is not an option: all revolutions have started in situations like this and were effective with little more, at the start, with street demonstrations. Or perhaps despair is an option: if our situation verges on terminal collapse we can act from despair on options that would otherwise default to Netflix couch potato ‘why bother?’ We an also consider the idea of virtual revolution, that is potential strategies, openly considered, but not at a given time ready to be implemented. But the mere idea of revolution begins to act on history will nilly.

At the worst the left can prepare to deal with the situations foreseen at three plus degrees of climate change. Governments controlled by capitalist forces are unlikely to be able to respond and will eventually collapse. Or else they must activate the net equivalent of revolution in the context of chaos. Let us note the dynamics of the Russian and American/French revolutions. But also anti-imperial contests, cf. e.g. the Algerian revolution…(cited to consider the film The Battle of Algiers, a revolt that failed and then succeeded). Cf. also the Irish rebellion, in five years a group of determined men brought the British empire to a point of compromise, etc…
We should field/examine a range of situations and strategies:
street demonstrations, non-violent tactics
violent tactics, guerilla warfare
terrorist activity and suicide agents
bankrobbery (cf. Stalin in the early 1900’s) to finance revolution…
external action from agents/victims of american imperilism…

that’s an idiot’s list, but the point is clear. We assume in all this that many will proceed along principles of non-violence and evolutionary paths, we may critique but should also consider a limited version of solidarity and tolerance there: the failsafe to the failsafe…

fill in the blanks here…

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