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The end of history block on political evolution

July 7th, 2018 · 1 Comment

The damage done by the ‘end of history’ meme has been immense. Let us grant that a similar charge can be laid against the bolshevik attempts to define communism. In fact, the idea that history might converge in some sense might well be true but the reality remains that constitutional/political constructs are so primitive that to call anyone of them final is simply propaganda. The whole question of what is democracy, what is socialism, what is a just social construct and how to create reasoned economies is and has all along been up in the air.
Our idea of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ is an attempt to remind us that nothing in either politics or economics is anything much more that primitive ad hockery. The marxist unwillingness to define what they meant ‘communism’ backfired on them and the result was the sudden arrival at a void into which a stalinist tyranny flowed.
We can restart with attempts to define democracy beyond its initial ambiguity in the era of rousseau (the crystallization was as electoral democracy, a reasonable but limited formulation) in terms of economic fairness and equality. Otherwise the capture by libertarian capitalism in the name of freedom is almost inevitable: the point became obvious in the generation up to 1848 as the class bases of so-called liberal democracies became all too obvious.
An axiom of fairness might start around the idea of a Commons in which all parties live in a field of shared resources to which all have a right. All this point we see that a ‘communist’ foundation, based on rights, legal and economic, is really axiomatic for democracy, a point toward which the english civil war groped before the restoration era that made the oligarchic parliament the last remnant of a ‘democratic’ erosion.

The ‘end of history’ meme as Hegelian scripture with Nietzschean nihilist dessert
January 12th, 2014 ·

The puzzle of American, I won’t say ‘decline’, deviation from its historic path, is hard to understand, but the macro model of LFM and WHEE provide some insight.

The issue is not so much decline as the corruption of the democratic ideal, and its (covert) demise in the emergent imperialism, capitalist domination, and the increasing focus on militarization, and the hidden influence of covert agencies and hidden elite cabals. We can see the problems escalate in the wake of WWII and the creation of the CIA. Now everything seems like it has been subject to ‘cliche’ mechanization of thought, e.g. in the War on Terror, spawned and fed in the ‘official policy memo’ style sure to freeze thought, and make mediocre bureaucrats the reigning groupthink medium, but by no means the fulcrum of power. It feels like everyone has watched too many spy films, and succumbed to the rationalizations of covert psychopathy and Machiavellianism.
Whatever the case, an historic challenge, renewed, along the lines of the elder legacy of ‘communism’, with or without the marxist format, is needed, if only as a failsafe, to keep awake in the increasing mesmerization by propaganda ever more subtle, of corrupt government being subjected to the classic domination scenario of global capitalism. No problem, start with the flaws, failures, and debits of legacy communism. In fact, without skepticism, the idea could never become active again. But the basic crisis, starting with the climate catastrophe in the making, cannot be resolved with the usual activist methods. We need to conceive, at least in theory, a viable postcapitalist spectrum of economies, with a response to globalization in the recognition of the global status quo, still short of an global means to stand higher than economy. The outcome is an increasingly byzantine totalitarianism of capitalist obsession. We need to start now, because the last chances are dwindling, and, as with the TPP trade initiative, the already difficult situation is threatening to become progressively worse: the unchecked power of capitalist entities wishes to become absolute. We should have started the day after the fall of Bolshevism in 1989 with a new initiative. But, instead of seeing the opportunity in the fall of a false communism, we got hoodwinked all over again with such niceties as the ‘end of history’ meme, an extremely successful mind befuddlement that made the reigning free market ideology seem like Hegelian scripture with a Nietzschean subtext as nihilist dessert. This swindle has entered the unconscious of whole populations, to the point that a ‘burning planet’ can’t register in the official/public consciousness. We must be ready. Like them or not, the Leninists were ready: as their world system started to convulse, they were prepared. I think Leninism is a false hope behind which lies the acute insight of the cunning and penetrating Lenin.
We must disassociate from that legacy, but with the simple lesson learned: to be ready, and with a neo-communism that is intelligent, non-totalitarian, but undeceived by the capitalist corruption of the category of ‘democracy’. We don’t have to adopt the marxist brand of this, we can critique that contribution, and recreate something more attuned to the American tradition of revolutionary action, without being fooled by the betrayal of real democracy that attended the genesis of the American moment. Whatever the case, the situation we confront is unique, and we suspect drawing us toward fatality. We must renounce failed solutions, and the failing dogmas of free markets. .. to be continued…

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