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the harm done by black block?…//All Charges Against Trump Inauguration Protesters Are Dropped – Truthdig

July 8th, 2018 · No Comments

The left needs to reestablish its ability to stage street demonstrations but it also needs to be free of the disastrous effect of the black block: the latter are exhibitionists at guerrilla warfare, which is never public…If the black block wants to fight a guerilla warfare let them do so, underground and away from public leftist demostrations…They should otherwise be considered class enemies.
Violent tactics are one thing, public demonstrations, over socialist issues, should be non-violent…Street demonstrations can lead to revolutionary change but they must start with public communication only: a million man march to promote socialism would have to be non-violent at the start due to the extreme paranoia at large and the militariztion of the police.

Source: All Charges Against Trump Inauguration Protesters Are Dropped – Truthdig

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