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 We are out of time for any more hypesters on climate change

July 9th, 2018 · No Comments

We are out of time for any more hypsters trying to deflect what little progress the left has made here into more compromised idiocies. No we don’t have elon musk et al to be part of the solution.
Let us here for a single capitalist a take on socialism…It won’t happen…Why doesn’t some ask musk if he can work inside socialism…And what about the ten million who plan to murder socialists a la condor…

Our democratic market neo-communism allows something different: a new type of market operative inside a communist system.

The interview looks at it from many sides. It also touches on the question “Is it possible to stop climate change without abolishing capitalism?” MKS (Margaret Klein Salamon) asks in (48:13): The United States, with Bernie Sanders, there is a resurgence of socialistic ideas, and some people say: “You can’t solve the climate crisis before solving capitalism and redistributing wealth and power” … Do elites and the powerful need to be replaced? The core of PG’ (Paul Gilding’s) answer starts at 49:15: I don’t buy the argument that we have to fix capitalism in order to fix climate change. I think it’s wrong, I think it’s potentially very dangerous as an idea, because if that becomes the battle, … if you have that approach, then you just said to the people who have the most power in this world “you are not part of this movement. We win, you lose”. (50:04)

Source: Re: [pen-l] Paul Gildig on the “stupid” socialist climate change strategy

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