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 Russia and putin, pathetic cased…matched now by trump…djerzhinskyism…

July 11th, 2018 · No Comments

Leninism or djerzhinskism…? reading the recent books by nance on putin/trump and the attack on democracy one is struck by the damage done by the pseudo-communist revolution of the bolsheviks: the whole game was really conditioned by the rapid appearance of secret police domination starting with such monstrosities as djerzhinsky.

Reading nance’s book on putin one sees the way that the secret police fixation still dominated russia: as with putin almost everyone in control has KGB/FSB background…russia is almost lacking in a real social basis…

he United States (ostensibly) defended human and civil rights both abroad and at home as a means of defeating the Soviet Union. Now, some three decades after the Cold War ended, Donald Trump has embraced the Christian nationalism and racial authoritarianism of Vladimir Putin’s Russia. It appears that Trump does not want the United States to be the world’s preeminent power but rather a country (and people) in the orbit of Russia.

Source: Donald Trump’s Startling Global Agenda: Taking White Supremacy Worldwide | Alternet

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