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Booknotes: Zizek and Reading Marx

July 12th, 2018 · No Comments

We suggested yesterday it was a waste of money to bother with this book and after reading the first chapter by zizek that judgment lingers.
I don’t consider myself stupid but this book, incomprehensible from the first paragraph, could be evidence there, or else the turgid philosophical angle is the author (out of three) in his native mode. The material opens with the usual appropriation of concepts, ‘object oriented’, a term from computer programming, put to no useful purpose except a kind of ‘profound’ muddle mode.

I can’t finally pass judgment here because it is difficult to know what the author is talking about. I doubt if marx is well-served by this extravagant philosophical speculation that includes the jargon of quantum mechanics. The dialectic appears as usual, a notably useless discussion.
Throughout is a claimed fidelity to marx and an attempt to save him from dated obsolescence. But this approach does not make marx seem profound. It is the gibberish mode that schopenhauer complained of in the students of hegel who seemed to have lost the ability to think at all. The book seems to be loitering near the ‘boundary’ of the ‘thing in itself’ with threats to resolve its mysteries, more bad hegel…ghostly hegel In Himself on the In Itself.

I will keep trying but i think that we need something different in the wake of marx: neither cult worship nor unthinking praise but a way to consider the legacy of marx/engels as an historical saga followed by a caesura and a project, to dogmatize marxism, but to rescue the project of postcapitalist neo-communism form oblivion. That involves a critique of marx’s theories and a simple, clear, practical set of steps toward dealing the crisis of capitalism.

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