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R48G: …if ever there was a moment that called for revolution it is our present
July 14th, 2017 ·

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The issue of revolution is really about inducing ‘evolution’ in a system that is otherwise doomed to go down hill: we can see that quite clearly in the american case:

a generation of activists confronts a system that has actually gotten worse and which threatens to become so powerful that no remedy is possible. We should be wary of ‘revolution’, no doubt, but the gains of social democracy in fact were a tandem with the legacies of the second and subsequent internationals. The interaction of evolutionary and revolutionary activisms, programs and movements was itself a dynamic hybrid.
If ever there was a moment that called for revolution it is our present, speaking of the US, but not just with respect to that former republic. The issues are stark:

the onset of climate catastrophe, impending
the refusal of the rightist political class to even consider the danger
going from very bad to worse with the Trump era
the failure of electoral democracy and its corruption by big money
the flaws in the mechanics of political bodies, congress, senate, courts, presidency: a junky constitution from the start…
a hidden ‘deep state’ under a number of rival definitions
a long-standing coup d’etat by covert agencies and their hidden manipulations
the imperialistic hubris of the whole american militaristic complex
the crimes against humanity in the staging of wars for profit
the hidden mafia of covert drug trade operators
the influence of wall street on political decisions
the hidden influence of Israeli covert ops, lobbies and hidden manipulations
last but not least a clear conspiracy to stage the 9/11 false flag dark op and the inability of the general public even on the left to grasp the facts of the case…

This is a fairly desperate circumstance and it would seem naive in the extreme to think this system could be reformed from the inside: we have choice but to try but we should be creating reserve options of truly revolutionary possibility whatever their potential for realization…

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