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Does god, pace Pence, hate the poor…??…endgame of xtianity…time for politicians to just shut up on xtianity

July 18th, 2018 · No Comments

I was struck by the portrait of the decline of christianity accelerating over the last generation…(the article is about a broader topic!): the image of a politician promoting the ‘Prosperity Gospel’ and who thinks that god hates the poor is grotesque…

When we think that one of the factors in the reformation was the source via munzer of modern communism…
It is not good enough for reasonable xtians to denounce this from some other stance as to this religion: it is time to simply abandon the whole game and move on. No, god is NOT speaking to xtians from on high. The whole game is a mechanized terminal corpse descending into a horror of religious aberration.
The us is being destroyed by a species of rancid xtianity matched with the grotesqueness of the israeli fiasco. The situation requires more than secularists: it requires ‘believers’ on the relative left to start dismantling this endgame in motion.
The whole theology is and always was a theological farce: the concept of god is a gross distortion, the myth of israel is sheer propaganda, the doctrines requiring faith, such as the resurrection, are gross lies, putting the whole issue of faith in checkmate. Time to snap out of xtian hypnosis to see the harm being done by this frankenstein religion.

But there is nothing Mainline Protestant about Pence, who combines extreme puritanism with the Prosperity Gospel teaching that the poor are poor because God hates them.

Source: Here’s Why Mike Pence Is Worse Than Gerald Ford — And Why the Left Should Think Twice About Calling for Trump’s Impeachment | Alternet

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