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Can the left resolve the confusions of the revolutionary option…

July 19th, 2018 · No Comments

We have reached the point where the issue of revolution comes to haunt leftist discourse even as the legacy of leninisn/stalinism rushes in to forestall such thinking. Our idea of ‘virtual revolution’, a tad sophistical, allows us to consider the revolutionary option both as a real potential option, and yet critically given the odds against getting it straight…
Red Forty-eight Group: virtual revolution: the revolution option?
March 8th, 2017 ·

We are long past the question of ‘virtual revolution’ and yet the idea persists as deliberate ambiguity, deliberate gedanken experiment, and ‘dialectical’ deliberation.

The stance is problematical for most and activist groups have few options but to pursue limited themes of social change. But at least the ‘virtual’ exercise can keep the idea of revolutionary change tabled in a situation that looks to be intractable in the extreme. We can leverage the ‘virtual revolution’ to a hoped for new consensus that will cause the walls of jericho to crumble due to audible influences. That is, the revolutionary option must accompany a situation so drastic it is clearly beyond simple political redemption and requires ‘system reset’, which is?
Some of the truly drastic issues:

climate change crisis as the trump era goes in reverse: the point of no return question
terminal political idiocy as visible in the current debate over health care: is a revolution needed to bring healthcare to americans?
political system corrupted beyond repair by systematic bribery/K streetism/financial electoral capitalism
military corrupted by imperialistic motives in turn corrupted by military/industrial capitalism: war mongering
militaristic obsession/military industrial complex/atomic weapons lunacy: the national security obsession confronting threats from the impotent
manufactured wars on terror…
covert agency coup d’etat (?) rendering government subject to a ‘deep state’ of unknown action: e.g. the 9/11 conspiracy

This is a contradictory situation: revolution is impossible, revolution is the only option
we should fairly add that ‘marxism’ has a lockdown on revolutionary ideology and yet is incompetent in its own field…

We can absorb marxism into a renewed praxis, a streamlined neo-communism, and quite like Marx/Engels after 1848, an electoral path until it is a revolutionary path…
A virtual revolution proposes the ‘net equivalent’ of revolution, e.g. revolution must refound a constitutional government…therefore virtual revolution will
propose to refound such a constitutional government by electoral/evolutionary means…


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