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the universal class?…has the left lost the ‘working class’?…//The Radical Left & A Strategy For Growth – REBEL

July 28th, 2018 · No Comments

We have often tried to generalize the working class concept to a more general ‘universal class’: the two concepts are actually close to the same thing but the distinction is a reminder that the ‘working class’ is more than industrial labor: it includes the true majority now of disparate groups and cultural subsets that have been abandoned or never considered by the left. As industrial economy eliminates the worker and moves into a new mode the left has to rethink its ‘base’.
And if you reflect on the issue, the question arises, why should the working class be pledged as the dominant class? Does the working class project inherent justice? In fact the whole formulation tends to reject what is now the majority: a whole spectrum of related cultural groups, not considered working class, and thus antagonized by the left’s focus on a nineteenth century concept of the proletarian. Immense numbers now feel the left has no interest in them, they aren’t ‘workers’ (even as nine to fivers) And in any case the idea of the ‘working class’ ended up being a way for a vanguard to exploit, viz. the really obnoxious absurdity called the ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’…
The idea of the universal class can certainly include initiatives focused on the ‘working class’, next to a slew of others as it multitasks the class question(s).

Source: The Radical Left & A Strategy For Growth – REBEL

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