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is the left confused?…we need to multitask exposes of two rogue states at once….//Why Are So Many Leftists Skeptical of the Russia Probe?

July 30th, 2018 · 2 Comments

As usual the left ( a term a bit vague) is braindead on a crucial issue. What we seem to have here is two rogue states competing over the degree of rogue status of the other. Clearly russia has severely meddled in the american election and just may have swung the game in clinton’s favor.

Just as clearly the rogue state ‘us of a’ has so meddled virtually everywhere for decades plus and is probably the worst offender. But the clever net tactics of the russians is something of an innovation here and behind it lies not hypocrisy about democracy: they wish to destroy it globally and have hidden backers in many varieties…they have duginesque ideology to go with it…to miss what they did in the last election is completely off, even if the radical left is no a bunch of fans of liberal democracy themselves…
And we have a sector on the left that is confused about russian meddling due to a kind of brics motivation of some kind (needs analysis from the left). Finally weren’t we fooled by assange who gets hero status but has some kind of cozy something with putin…true/fair?

We clearly have to multitask two rogues states at the same time…

Source: Why Are So Many Leftists Skeptical of the Russia Probe?

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