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Grand Deceptions: jewish supremacism and bolshevik genocide…

August 5th, 2018 · No Comments

As if the whole left question isn’t confusing enough an additional catastrophe, historically, lurks in the background: the jewish supremacism that emerged in bolshevik revolution that almost inexplicably came to dominate the whole revolution and, worse, lead to a genocidal stalinism strongly dominated by jewish fanatics. This was one of the factors that animated the nazi genocides in turn. Apparently the evidence is there in the book, Grand Deceptions, and while we need to reexamine the facts with great care, the point is somehow obvious from the start with marx’s arrogant and domineering stance at the start and his abysmal treatment of (the actually far more intelligent, but distracted) engels which ended as one of the original sins of marxism:

the whole relationship ended up seeding the left with jewish contempt for gentiles and that stupid engels and the constant bias on the left from the ‘boy we’re smart’ jewish set. It is horrible to point it out, but even now we can see the effect in action. Fortunately, the ‘working class’ emphasis has prevailed, to some degree, and this bolshevik calamity has not completely overcome the overall left. But the fact remains we need a whole new formulation, without a jewish moses all over again. No more jewish founders of leftist ‘isms’ and let’s retire the strangely deceptive chomsky with his collusion on the 9/11 conspiracy question probably connected with a hidden defense of israel.
Stupid or smart, gentiles are on their own and must refound the whole left.
In fact the problem is fading away. After almost seventy years of israel it is hard to take jews seriously any more, and the factor of jewish assimilation and the passing of xtianity makes the whole legacy look ridiculous on both sides: but we MUST start over and make sure the left is truly universalist without jewish ethnocentrism (with a lot of other chauvisnisms lurking in the wings needing to be dealt with).
This needs to quietly happen without any more idiocy from either gentile antisemites or jewish chauvinists. It would seem that so much water has gone over the dam that the ‘problem’ has been solved up to a point by the sheer idiocy of the historical record.


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