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The eonic effect as the destroyer of historical ideologies…

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The value of the eonic model is that it in fact shows that ‘theories’ of history are going to fail: all we need, or can arrive at, is a simple outline that shows the mysterious solution but points to something too complex to fully resolve, with a still ongoing search for the archaeological facts delaying in any case such a formulation. The eonic effect jumps beyond historical materialism, darwinian ideology, causal scientific histories, and religious (old/new testament) historicism leaving the field strewn with the remnants of past efforts, but a field of die hards determined to stick with their delusions, the judeo-xtians, marxists and darwinists being the most rigid of ‘true believers’. Marxists are determined to dominate the left and still might succeed in a revolutionary second act, but the results will fail. A whole new perspective is needed and on the way some kind of reasonable agnosticism is essential to preempt the ‘professsor know it all’s like marx from promulgating their own brilliant idiocy. The question of how to reach a postcapitalist neo-communism is thus a very delicate and tricky task for which there is now no cadre at all.

Why does everyone have trouble with the ‘eonic effect’? from the preface to a new edition of WHEE
February 23rd, 2018 ·
The question is not hard to answer: noone has enough historical information in the right form: beyond specialist study as a balanced study of all regions and eras of the last ten thousand years. But real effect is only visible since the invention of writing:

The eonic effect then is a kind of epochal progression of age periods showing a complex set of transitions:
Sumer, Egypt in the centuries before 3000 BCE
The so-called Axial transitions in Greece, Israel/Persia, India, China in the early first millennium
The onset of the modern world after 1500

That’s it, a rigorous definition of an empirical dataset that upon examination shows a remarkable non-random pattern. The interpretion of this is another matter…

From the Preface to a new edition of World History and the Eonic Effect.

The ‘eonic effect’ is an epochal periodization of world history that uncovers an elusive dynamic. The study of world history has been been unable to reach the level of science, in part because the data for an analyatical ‘whole’ is insufficient (and hard to define) and also due to the confusion over the status of causal theories and free agency next to that of the concept of random evolution. The perception of the ‘eonic effect’ deals a new hand in the quandary and shows a spectacular hidden process that we can call devlopment or ‘evolution’ in the sense of a macro factor that directs a developmental series of historical epochs. we can define the relative transformation of evolution into history and resolve the abstraction of sthe historical. We can appraoch this controversial claim with an empirical chronicle of stages using a minimlaist construct based on discrete/continuous concepts: this is essentially a generalization and correction of the botched idea of ‘punctuated equilibrium’ taken empirically. Once seen, we must consider that nothing in world history makes sense without taking into account this ‘eonic effect’.

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