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Socialism: Now with Computers! | Mises Wire

August 7th, 2018 · No Comments

This is a version of the misean perspective (below) that has paralyzed a generation of leftists, in the backs of their minds. But there is nothing to submit to here. First, no system in engineering is completely efficient. Second, market systems are grossly inefficient because they produce inequality, duh…you would think the latter factor would enter the discussion. The factor of computational economics has slowly but surely come to the threshold of the discussion, and the old misean view seems dated now, even if socialists tend to repeat their own fallacies…

Consider two points: a full market system is grossly destructive of social relations, and related to this the foundation of an economic system is a set of values, axioms of equality and fairness. Beyond that we confront the reality that we are dead by markets and MUST do something different. To abrogate the axiomatic/value (constitutional communism) angle in the name of markets is the original sin of capitalist idiots. We have reached the endgame in the destruction of all regulations, and the sabotage of such orgs as the EPA. Capitalist madness, and genocide. So, capitalism doesn’t work in the end either, as we can see now so many years after 1989.
100% efficiency doesn’t exist in engineering, and doesn’t exist in economics, and can’t be made the ultimate criterion.
We MUST accept some inefficiency in the name of a social construct that, in our version of DMNC, can mediate planning, some form of markets, and a political system liberated from capital domination.
Towards a New Socialism, Cockshott & Cottrel cited here many times, goes over the question of computerized planning.

Source: Socialism: Now with Computers! | Mises Wire

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