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The Manchurian Candidate(s)

August 12th, 2018 · 3 Comments

This is actually an important film despite its misleading wrapper by those who didn’t really understand their own story. It is more a series of questions than anything one can take at face value. The queer echoes in our own time with trump are still another bizarre twist.
If we take the movie as a series of questions challenging our ‘plot fixation’ (and it is quite a plot) we can profit more from the implications suggested by the issues raised:
what is the real history if any of korean/russian/chinese communinist brainwashing(BW)?
Isn’t the film in part anti-communist propaganda?
What is brainwashing beyond the lurid portraits? (there are obviously many different types): the question raised here is whether BW in some version can as indicated in film be used to program assassins? The public beliefs about hypnosis tend to negate such claims. What is the nature of hypnosis and is the subject mostly a series of cover stories? What is the russian legacy here?
Clearly there was something in the korean war legacy that drove the covert agencies to research in this area, with some dangerous developments: MKULTRA. Was the suppression of the latter research phony and some new tech passed into a hidden sector, etc…?
That noone seems to understand the subject can be seen in the many variants: consider the movie The Bourne Identity. What is going on with cia creation of assassins?
What new technologies are being developed for mind control…?
The curious echoes in the trump era, with trump often giving the impression of being hypnotized (versus the quite conscious aspect as blackmail, …): is this man a drone of some kind?
How does the issue square with occult practice/myth/hype and is there an ultra dangerous ‘telepathic’ version being used by occult agencies? Mind control from a distance is a know sufi/yogic/buddhist weapon…
In fact, aren’t the covert agencies in fact unable to develop what they suspect in the sufi legacy?
Can psychopaths really develop such occult powers, normally arising quite indirectly by meditation?
Has mossad figured it out using jewish ‘sufis’ as infiltrators?

In the trump era the ‘poignant’ relevance of the movie, an all-around disinfo package with a real scorpion sting, makes it worth watching despite the danger of taking seriously the wrong interpretations….


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