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this sad situation spells the end of xtianity…//The Historic Responsibility of the Catholic Church

August 18th, 2018 · No Comments

The guru rajneesh, of whom we have been critical, denounced both xtianity and in particular the spiritual pretensions of celibacy as a form of false spiritual practice in catholicism.

At the least such practices should be performed by those who have a strong foundation in meditation, if then (dubious claims, that aren’t as such my views). In fact the whole tradition seems on its way to being scrapped although its extreme antiquity in yogis suggests that is unlikely. Since the practice was intended as a means to grow astral bodies (a crackpot idea??? discussed very rarely, e.g. by gurdjieff//isn’t this sexist, what about women? ) it is hard to see why temporary or occasional celibacy can’t be just as effective. The spread of incomplete and totally misunderstood methods into the occidental roman empire created a monstrosity in the xtian church. The whole thing should be terminated.
The inability of believers to see the implications of this calamity show just how deeply this religion has hypnotized its adherents.

Source: The Historic Responsibility of the Catholic Church

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