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aryan to poor white trash (american brand)…//[Marxism] Specter of a White Minority 

September 5th, 2018 · No Comments

One of the sad ironies of world history is the emergence of (white) racist confusions so late in the day, well into the modern era, long after the integrating factor of religion had to some extent diminished this factor.

Part of the reason is of course capitalism and the resurgence of slavery and the distortion of the american experiment at its start. The confusion here with ‘aryan’ civilization is especially demented. It is worth studying the issue of ‘aryan’ ‘indo-europeans’ in terms of the eonic effect and the axial age: we do indeed see a dramatic ‘aryan’ effect in the way three indo-european streams, the greek (and its latin spinoff), the persian, and the indic, which generated three of the multiple axial interval ‘restarts’ or cultural transforms. The question of whiteness remains obscure here and modern indic populations are hardly white, with a complex mixture of multiple populations: we should note that the question of aryan racism has distorted the legacy of indic religion which was appropriated by the aryan invaders from (probably) dravidian sources.
We should also note the way the ‘macro’ effect of the eonic sequence dramatically created a hybrid, first of persian and israelite (semitic) monotheisms, and then of ‘greek’/’israelite’ strains to create a deliberate transcultural trans-aryan, trans-semitic hybrid in its path to cultural globalization…
So much for the ‘poor white trash’ american brand of the racist ‘white aryanism’, an almost total distortion of the real historical record…
We should also note the complete reversal of integrationist values in the degenerated israeli experiment of modern zionism.

Source: [Marxism] Specter of a White Minority – Los Angeles Review of Books

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