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…??//we got a question/comment fielded here: should affirmation of covenental judaism be considered a hate crime, racial bias, or simply theological nonsense?

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we got a question/comment fielded here: should affirmation of covenental judaism be considered a hate crime, racial bias, or simply theological nonsense?

This is dangerous stuff, let’s devote a post to it…

Our post on israelitism and zoroastrianism generated a tricky question which I restated, suppressing the author: I will take responsibility for my own post and my own historical analysis and critique of judaism (and christianity). As a student of the eonic effect i have always found the axial age aspect of isrealitism compelling, but there can be no doubt that a religious tragedy (sic! that old greek genre) has been the lot of judeo-christians. Moslems always knew it and were determined to start over

First, to answer the question: NO! we aren’t there yet. Taking a critical view of covenental judaism has endured thousands of years, to no effect. Such a gesture violates religious rights, apart from anything else, and will confuse anti-judaism, a philosophical perspective, itself a religious right of belief, with anti-semitism, so-called, itself a form of hate.
But times are changing, and the question itself is surprising. It points not to antisemitism but to the harm done by covenental judaism: the belief that jews have a special relationship to god. In the seventth century BCE the idea no doubt had a certain logic to it.

Already in antiquity christians struggled with that legacy of the israelites but never really shook off the confusion created by the old testament. They ended up trying to promote a new covenant, etc…But the seeds of hatred were sown and the hopeless muddle of jews and christans unfolded in hopeless chaos, which moslems, incidentally, tried to correct, unsuccessfully again.

First, it is not antisemitic to reject or denounce the belief that jews have a special relation to god. In fact it is the only road to religious sanity in the end. And more and more ‘jews’ would agree now. The very secularized jews i knew often new agers hightailing it out of judaism and who might have felt reverence for the old testament considered it made them sick to their stomach. What a perfect way to wreck two religions and set everyone at each others throats. And it seems to go on and on without stopping: look at the harm done in ‘israel’ by this kind of thinking which israelis once almost got the better of but now are subject to a relapse of a now dangerous genocidal question.

Beyond that we might lament looking backward the hopeless botch of judaism as a religion, and likewise the failure of christianity as a religious legacy.

Finally, trying to solve this problem can make it worse. We should consider that it is also on its last legs. Christians and jews are starting to simply abandon their traditions in large numbers as jews increasingly assimilate and the whole nightmare dissipates. And many intelligent jews have come to realize the harm done by their mere presence among christians. The number of christians who suffer psychological devastation confronting covenentalism is very large, and it takes years for many to overcome the effects. What a terrible way to do things, making people feel inferior to others in the eyes of god…But in way the success of jews has made the problem worse. It is easy to prosper as a minority in modern economic society, especially if christians must accept all your rejects. Ye gods, what a mess.

Enough said, for the moment, and i would reiterated that times are changing. People are sick of these religious questions and won’t put up with them much longer.

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