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We need a completely new left, and even the DSA isn’t it

September 11th, 2018 · No Comments

The 9/11 issue shows the old left in this country can’t be trusted or else is such a herd phenomenon it couldn’t shoot straight day one in a revolution (and or election). How on earth did all this confusion and, finally, plain lying come about? It beggars belief that an investigative journalist like chomsky could still be fooled. It has gone on since the JFK assassination but the problem runs deeper perhaps.

A new generation has to find its way here, And it could start by setting the left straight on 9/11. No absolute convictions are needed: simply a look at the evidence that the US government (and possibly the israelis) was in some way involved in a 9/11 false flag conspiracy. And that it will murder its own citizens. It is good if incomplete evidence that any competent investigator is almost obligated to take seriously. It is very hard to critique that evidence without the kind of hatchet job done by Cockburn, et al. If the us government is that criminal, if we even suspect that is the case, our stance on everything changes.
In fact, the iraq war, etc, has already told us this (and that springs directly from 9/11), so why the confusion?
Failure to do this exposes the whole left to a coverup of one of the great crimes of (american political) history. It is a degree of incompetence or complicity that makes any prospect of social evolutionary/revolutionary action completely untrustworthy: it will end up stalinist day one. If the left will lie on such a monstrosity, and that finally is all it can be, lying, it is beyond redemption. But we must at least offer the option of idiocy, herd behavior, rather than crime…

Again, let’s point to a new generation, one that is giving socialism a close look, and warn them not to get bamboozled by such a herd phenom masquerading as a left…

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