What is the eonic effect and how can we use the term ‘evolution’ for it…?


We keep referencing the eonic effect, so-called, what do we mean by it? we had a huge literature on this in the old Darwiniana, but we will start over here, slowly. Here is a first take…

The question of the ‘eonic effect’ has perhaps been unnecessarily complicated by attempts to explain it. It should be seen as, on one level, a very simple structure in world history, one that should be common knowledge. In one way it already is common knowledge. For example if you reify ‘modernity’ you are aware without being aware of the tail end of this eonic effect, or eonic sequence. Why do you use that term? Again, we use the term ‘middle ages’. ?? Middle of what? In terms of the eonic effect it is the ‘middle’ of the ‘eon’ (a dangerous term) or epoch, or better yet, second interval in world history between classical antiquity and the modern period. We almost have it, all we have to do is add the phase of ulterior antiquity, i.e. the period of the dawn of higher civilization ca. 3000BCE (in sumer and egypt). But wait, wasn’t the ‘real’ beginning much earlier here, for Egypt and Sumer? A good point, but modernity wasn’t true beginning either. The period just before 3000 BCE was not the beginning but did show a tremendous relative set of changes. In fact, we guessed this answer, given a lot of evidence, because we are starting to see what is going on. Continue reading What is the eonic effect and how can we use the term ‘evolution’ for it…?

  Soyboys versus big mac meatheads…

Ironically, reversing the charges is closer to the reality: meateaters are a breed of repulsive and soon extinct ‘survival of the fittest’ fetishists whose legacy is the tragic flaw (and hidden faustian ‘success’ factor) of human evolution and, at this point, a liability on its way to destroying a planet. Soyboys versus big mac meatheads…

Nutritionists have had many debates about the health benefits of soy products; some are very pro-soy, others are critical of it. Their debates are scientific in nature, but on the alt-right, soy is being discussed in stridently political terms—and one of the leading alt-right conspiracy theories is the “soy boy” conspiracy, which claims that soy products are a vast left-wing conspiracy designed to emasculate men and turn their bodies estrogenic.

Source: The ‘soy boy’ conspiracy theory: Why the alt-right believes soybeans are part of a vast left-wing plot against manhood | Alternet

 Ancient DNA reveals history of mystery monkey

Analysis of ancient DNA of a mysterious extinct monkey named Xenothrix — which displays bizarre body characteristics very different to any living monkey — has revealed that it was in fact most closely related to South America’s titi monkeys (Callicebinae). Having made their way overwater to Jamaica, probably on floating vegetation, their bones reveal they subsequently underwent remarkable evolutionary change.

Source: Primates of the Caribbean: Ancient DNA reveals history of mystery monkey: Weird evolution revealed in now-extinct monkey which inhabited Jamaica until a few hundred years ago — ScienceDaily

The free market’s failures are fueling a growing health crisis — and the consequences could send us back to the medical dark age | Alternet

I grew up believing in the forward trajectory of progress in science and medicine – that human health would continue to improve as it had for hundreds of years. As I progressed through my own career in health sciences, I continued to be optimistic.Now I have serious doubts.Science is still working well, but deadly obstacles are blocking the way between research and progress in the field where I work: Antibiotics.

Source: The free market’s failures are fueling a growing health crisis — and the consequences could send us back to the medical dark age | Alternet