Eonic Effects: World history: a complex enigma

Confronting the riddle of world history
January 13th, 2018 •
After all the debate and discussion from the left the stark reality remains that Marxist views of history suffer from a flawed foundation in economic fundamentalism. A far broader view is needed that can handle the places of values, the question of free will (or free agency), questions of art, religion, and philosophy. The original perspectives were too narrow and too reductionist after the style of emerging scientism/positivism. We don’t really need a ‘science’ of history, an invitation to fallacy, so much as a simple map or chronicle done empirically as a backdrop for a value-based account of a futurist project (of socialism/communism).

The eonic effect is somehow very tricky but exposes the false attachment to Darwinism that pervades Marxism with fallacious axioms, but in the end it points to a set of historical subtleties that make mincemeat of most attempts to subject history to social control as ideological fixation on Machiavellian politics, economics, and technology.
The complicated enigma disguising a hidden teleology demands a far more complex view of the historical than can be provided by current assumptions, mostly based on premature dogmas of how to do science. The fact remains that both evolution and history elude a scientific foundation and part of the reason is the issue facts and values confounds all attempts at a solution to the riddle.
There is a reasonably simple way out, which is to follow the contours of the so-called ‘eonic effect’ as an outline which itself solves the problem historical dynamics.
In any case the future of socialism requires moving beyond the failed strategies of Marxism and the confusion it created over stages of history.

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