Evangelicals and sundry ‘devils’ like rogue sufis and black magical (xtian) gurdjieffs


We were critical of new age figures like gurdjieff today. If we get sentimental about xtian pieties about the real gospel we might do well to consider the implications of such figures: we can’t assume anything about xtianity from the gospel.

The book is almost like disinformation for a revolutionary movement that took over the roman empire, and ended in the morass of its own theology.(Sufis in general and) figures like gurdjieff who ended up in control and/or obscure ‘demiurgic powers’ are a warning that a ‘self-proclaimed devils’ have always been an hidden aspect of xtianity. Our simple strategy is to acknowledge our ignorance, withdraw blanket faith in the emergence of suspected evil doers controlling a religion like gangsters, and a movement beyond pop theism (well citiqued by new atheists, but) to a stance beyond atheism/theism. There are a a thousand definitions of god the atheist wouldn’t get around to refuting, or else could not, so we should be dialectically zigzagging out of xtian bedlam. Figures like gurdjieff are complicated but will cure most of being religious idiots: confer Debriefing Gurdjieffianity (amazon, i did not create a free pdf of this book, so you will have to buy it, or skip it, but nota bene, confusing devils, human, lurk behind the pious xtian front). They could care less if the religious right made shit out of xtianity. It was also shit from the start. The issue is ‘control’, mon vieux. Oh ye of idiot faith.

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