Darwiniana: blog history, mission statement, themes/memes: a quick overview

This is a quick overview that will be expanded later. What are we up to here?
Darwiniana is somewhat disorienting at times but has a set of core perspectives: it is one of the oldest blogs and started in 2005 as a platform examining critically the legacy of darwinism and the confusions of its theoretical model.
The blog has been influential in the ongoing collapse of the darwin propaganda machine, still very much active however. The public by and large still hasn’t reckoned with the new paradigms emerging here. The blog has also been critical of the darwin critics, including the intelligent design movement. The blog has examined the real problems of the evolution debate and in the process been a platform to examine the core text World History and the Eonic Effect and many of the related eighteen books of the blogowner as hardbacks, kindle, and free online pdf versions.
The eonic effect exposes the problems with evolutionary theories in a unique but somewhat complex form. The relation of history and evolution has a unique resolution in the eonic model: cf. history-and-evolution.com

Beyond this the blog has moved into news, political perspectivism, and the examination of the history/current events of the contemporary left: reformism/revolutionism. critical marxism and a neo-communist collection of manifestos and social/economic constructivist projects such as democratic market neo-communism.

The older blog had over 80,000 posts, 75% news links, now junk, but became top heavy and hard to manage with a huge number of news items now with broken links: the monster size of such blogs, larger than Tolstoy’s War and Peace by a factor of ten or more, induce the realization of the transience of things: such entities with hundred of megabytes have no avenue to survival in the future: one must select something to survive and we have already produced several kindle books of archived selections with hundreds more of the best offline.
Thus it was time to move to a new and more secure platform: wordpress hosting sites, with a redirected domain name, now a remarkable realm of advancing blog software.
Even the export file became corrupted (we have the original material in raw XML net form in the older virtual private server) so we must reconstruct the legacy material piecemeal. Perhaps that is better than preserving the original monster size blog, an archeological entity due to be lost to history no doubt. Hundreds of posts from the older blog exist offline and will quietly be reposted. The older posts were still http without security certificate and the now essential https: is provided at wordpress (goodle has begun to outcast the old http://)
Darwiniana is associated with blogs at redfortyeight.com, gurdjieff-con.net, last-and-first-men.com, and history-and-evolution.com
The author’s eighteen books are available at amazon and/or dropbox.com. A set of autobiographical essays, to become a book, are available at nemonemini.info.

The Gurdjieff Con blog starting in 2008 has been a unique expose of such figures as the classic sufi guru gurdjieff along with indic gurus, and much of the contemporary new age movement. The result is a very ragged blog, half sane, but cogently useful for those who tread in the shark infested waters of the now global new age/old age wasteland of buddhism, yoga, sufism. The result was to be in the crossfire of many irate authoritarian ‘masters’, many now ghosts, who fight back at insubordinate secularists who laugh now at the dogmas of the Kali Yuga and the reactionary antimodernism attacked by wild dog flip-the-bird recalcitrants now often subjected to wolf packs of astral monsters in three to n way systems of anonymous occult murder, no kidding.
Although never a sufi i did spy on sufis once and learned their great secret, given away free at that blog (if you look hard enough). It should be all public domain and in general that blog points to a question: what is the real future of secularism? Two kindle books have emerged: Debriefing Gurdjiffianity, and Debriefing Santana Dharma (or Ravings of the Masts). Find them at Amazon at $0.99 cents, cheap…

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