reformation endgame…//Disgusted Evangelical Scholar Details How Christian ‘Grifters and Status-Seekers’ Paved the Way for Trump | Alternet

We lack a true secular movement that can challenge the xtian monolith, now we suspect in its last phase of degenerating putridity. One problem here is the reformation emerged from a similar ‘commercial’ vice in the sale of indulgences and then become somehow reinfected via the calvinist sleight of hand about capitalism. We should aggressively remind xtians, however that with munzer the idea of communism in a christian context was born: so there is a very strong element of challenge to xtian capitalism in an endgame of the reformation.
But we should remember the long era, over a century, of extreme violence spawned by the reformation: we have the right, which i don’t recommend, only to note the hyprocrisy of gandhians trying also to take over xtianity, to violently extirpate the xtian right, if we assume anything was right about the ‘holy wars’ of the xtians (and jews who invented the concept) and/or the holy wars of the reformation protestants. If you say otherwise you imply that protestants had no right to protestantism (here catholics will be silent given their equal violence). I don’t believe a word of what i say here, acutally, my intent to sound shockingly logical. This is not recommendation for action, but an historical reminder of the violence of all xtians. Will the religious right, short of a religious war, continue its takeover of the secular republic? The point here is that noone in his right mind (save perhaps the religious right) would dream of a holy war: they can laugh the whole game out of existence. An aggressive dechristianization is needed. What of the freedom of religion. Neither the catholics nor the protestants agreed to any such freedom, so once again we should consider the absurdity of our religious adherencies, now sliding into oblivion.
We have a better idea: we can ‘fight’ in many ways as non-gandhians without violence, given the terminal stupidity of the religious right, and an aggressive campaign of ‘debriefing’ is enough: the dramatic effect of the new atheism movement, however inadequate, is proof of this. But the ‘new atheists’ fumbled the ball: we are not going to succeed in promoting atheism as a new religion: the enemy here is cancerated religious remnant, the issue of ‘god’ being something else.

Berny Belvedere, an evangelical Christian and philosophy scholar, has written a scathing essay at Quillette about the devolution of the religious conservative movement under President Donald Trump.Belvedere in particular zooms in on the role that greed has played in transforming the evangelical movement from a social cause into a sleazy — and highly lucrative — business for political operatives.

Source: Disgusted Evangelical Scholar Details How Christian ‘Grifters and Status-Seekers’ Paved the Way for Trump | Alternet

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