Floating fourth turning points?

Floating fourth turning points?
February 20th, 2018

We have suggested an idea of a ‘floating fourth turning point’ as a human creation of its own eonic effects, a truly stupendous task requiring operating on a scale of tens of millennia. It would be useful to at least think about it and to try to estimate what is really behind the eonic effect because we have a system of stupendous potential. Leftists might use the idea to see how primitive is the idea, so far, of socialist transformation in marxism.

R48G: transitions versus civilizations…floating fourth turning points…
October 10th, 2017 •

We have suggested that we have to upgrade ‘revolution’ to something more general and comprehensive that includes the fundamentals of the whole of modernity. We can see how the russian revolution ended up collapsing the categories of social construction into the brittle ideology of the second international, ultimately the result of the contraction of marxism around nineteenth century positivism. That was an attractive set of tenets for the time but it is not believable to many now, even given the reality of religious reaction attempting to restore itself as socially dominant.
The idea of the ‘floating fourth turning point’ is a ‘curious notion’ attempting to generalize the idea of a revolutionary social transformation and is both practical and preposterous, food for thought…

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