This is your ‘golden’ age of ‘science’…
Does this sound like science?
It is mostly garbage, propaganda from the Darwin Propaganda Machine, which has reached most public outlets including Wikipedia. It is a scandal that all these media still promote the archaic darwinian paradigm.

To get oriented in the darwin debate you only need one idea: natural selection can never be right. Period. Endless attempts to wriggle out of this confuse people ad infinitum, so remember: natural selection can never be right. You next problem is saying this in public: you will be an outcast of society…So, will you lie?
Here is the classic warning of Hoyle, from decades ago:

In a now classic text, Evolution From Space, Hoyle and Wickramasinghe give one version of this objection.
Darwinian evolution is most unlikely to get even one polypeptide right, let alone the thousands on which living cells depend for their survival. This situation is well known to geneticists and yet nobody seems prepared to blow the whistle on the theory.[iii]

Beyond Natural Selection

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