where are the socialist second thoughts on the failures of marxism…?//Fukuyama’s second thoughts: ‘socialism ought to come back’

Fukuyama has at least seen where he went wrong, but have the marx dogmatists, such as those at this religious marxism website, seen where marxism has gone wrong? They sound as if the legacy of marx, let alone lenin, had any successes. But it has not. It is a record of total failure. In part this is marx’s fault, for inflicting bad theories on his religious cult of personality.
At this juncture these groups expect a second chance, but they will never get it, although pace fukuyama they might inflict the chinese model on us. It is NOT communism but the junk marxist theory that has cursed the left for over a century and which led to the bolshevik, then chinese, fiasco. Creating a just communist democracy shouldn’t be the impossibly difficult task marxists have made out of it. Marx was a critical moment for the left in the nineteenth century but now his legacy is holding people back. And the chinese case is NOT communism, because it is an elite oligarchic tyranny that is also a colony of global capital. It success so-called is not socialist whatsoever.
We need a completely critical and revamped communist framework that can free itself from marxist domination. The marxists have stolen the communist idea and made it the object of stalinist legerdemain. So we must end tragically in a civil war on the left if these marxist gangsters claim a second coming.

We have tried to reify some kind of viable neo-communist framework as a warning that the left won’t get a second chance with marx and needs to construct something the public can assess in advance and with a disciplined realization that can police its own stalinist potential.
In any case the pretense of lenin as some kind hero leading the world’s first working class revolution is bilge.


26 years ago, after the fall of the Soviet Union, the defenders of capitalism were euphoric. They spoke of the death of socialism and communism. Liberalism had triumphed and therefore history had reached its final expression in the form of capitalism.

Source: Fukuyama’s second thoughts: ‘socialism ought to come back’

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