Postcapitalism in the age of climate catastrophe

Postcapitalism in the age of climate catastrophe
February 27th, 2018

The current political climate is shifting from its traditional focus to the crisis of climate but many of the activist groups current are still falling short of the correct stance on the issue. And this imbalance will continue as the climate movement suffers and goes into stall, maybe, or maybe not.

We must leave that aside but attempt the same analysis with the traditional working class emphasis of the left. We need a larger an more general focus on the issue of culture, politics, ecology, and the economics of neoliberal globalization and this in the context of a robust platform of climate action in the context of a post-capitalist economic system. In a way the marxist approach, if it can graduate from its narrow focus, is potentially able to do this, but it must drop ‘marxism’ and take up the net equivalent yet better in a new form. And as with feminism the focus on the working class must become something more general with respect to the whole issue of modernity, economic systems, and democracy. Issues of race, feminism, LGBT, etc, can easily ride piggyback here, but not the other way around.
The key issue is the nature of an economic transformation that can resolve the crisis of climate, assuming there is still time. We have to try but we need to consider a revolutionary movement, and this could even be a virtual bluff, that can start to act immediately with at the least the non-violent equivalent of ‘guerilla warfare’. We confront the reality that corporate america discovered the crisis a generation ago and scofflawed its way to destroying climate consciousness in government.
Under the circumstances we are given near demand to challenge the current order, corporate and political. So the virtual revolution has the right to dismantle carbon economy, with some definable standard of ruthless action, a question mark to be sure.
If you empower a president who will destroy climate action you have the right and a duty to more drastic remedies that can, well, remedy the situation. Radicalize for the $15 minimum wage all you want, but a postcapitalist economy is needed more urgently, and postcarbon economy at the top of the list, no question. Guerilla warfare in quotation marks or not can join ‘virtual’ revolution as a thought experiment to flush out the issues and deprogram the problems here.
I think the working class is going to show up with a vengeance in the wake of the Trump era, and this can work fine with our formulation as to the universal class, save only that all these rust belt communities are just that, communities, and need a comprehensive solutions. All those jobs aren’t coming back, and we

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