Prices of books on the left should be 99 cents in kindle with a free pdf version…

The link is to a series of books on or related to marxism. ‘Marxists’ are invited to examine the prices of these books and ask if it their own personal greed or that of the publishers and/or some unknown conspiracy to price readers of such books out of the market that produces such outrageous prices. Due to the extravagant prices i will not likely read any of them, although i would like to.

Here’s the bottom line: readers of books on marxism are not likely to be rich and can’t afford their own literature. Even $20 is too much, for me, and most leftists…

I have written 18 books: ALL of them are available at amazon, most for the minimum charge of 99 cents or 2.99 for illustrated books, with some hardbacks mostly under ten dollars, and ALL of them with free versions in PDF format available at Dropbox.
That’s the way it should be on the left. Anything else means you have been trapped in a primitive phase of capitalism.

Study amazon’s kindle market: the prices of books hasve plummeted and would go to $0 in true supply and demand. But the 99 cent kindle book market is thriving: there used to be about a hundred thou new books a year, now it is in the millions. Capitalism in a paradoxical moment???? I admit this would hard on Verso editors. They can turn into panhandlers. I have panhandled in dozens of cities in the US. Perhaps i should give lessons in a workshop. at 99 cents? in this case NOT.

Any given book on marxism should be about 99 cents in Kindle format with a free pdf for the desperate.

here’s an example: a book i would like to read but never will (amazon)

The French Revolution and Historical Materialism: Selected Essays Paperback – August 7, 2018
by Henry Heller (Author)
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