A truly shocking book, must read by any citizen: israel (and the us) as criminal rogues states…//JFK-9/11: 50 Years of Deep State …where did you agree to israelis planting miniature plutonium bombs in the twin towers???

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nemonemini @nemonemini Oct 20 JFK-9/11: 50 Years of Deep State by Laurent Guyenot amazon.com/dp/1615776397/… via @amazon 1,990
The behavior of israel over the last sixty years has been so outrageous that we must as citizens ask how we can be liberated from this malevolent menace. The terrible reality of the holocaust must be faced but it does not excuse the sheer psychopathy of israeli power politics. The us is hardly better but it has become the dupe of israeli manipulations. The US has been destroyed by this horror (with alot of help from their own crimes), that noone sees emperor/no clothes style.
Can any public discussion consider the role of mossad in the 9/11 conspiracy? Jounalists, and cable pimps are completely silent. (Small wonder all parties have been silenced on the questions to the point the public is totally asleep)
The book details the rise of straussian/machiavellian zionism…It is hard to see how jews could be so stupid as to let their tradition get replaced with the studied path of evil of the above.
The researchers are now thinking the israelis planted baseball sized plutonium bombs along the spines of the twin towers, a truly terrible possibility…
Leo Strauss in one of the most second rate thinkers. The mystique/fetish of his thought harks back to nietzsche in the long reign of mischief sprung from that idiot.

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