Capitalism generating postcapitalism

Capitalism generating postcapitalism
April 30th, 2018
It is very hard for some, especially after so much Fukuyama propaganda, to snap out of the fixation on the inevitability of capitalism, but all at once the inevitability of postcapitalism comes into view.
The american system is in a dialectical tail spin as the monumental idiocy of rightist action seeds revolutionary futurism.

R48G: from virtual revolution to (virtual) open insurrection: ask yourself, is it your duty to stop the current american crime against humanity at a time of climate crisis?
May 8th, 2017
Our discussions of virtual revolution appear to be either a song and dance routine, or else the actual revolution can be discussed as virtual in either a bluff or else a consideration of the dangers prior to action, especially in the context of the overwhelming power of the current regime. The point: our revolutionary consideration is maturing but is still a thumbtwiddler while we examine the situation we find ourselves in. In any case we must whatever we think be ready with a new platform and a new consensus, of a kind, as an open tent, with a critique of marxism, but a definite rewrite or upgrade of that ‘has been ism’. We have no other choice than to pursue this upgrade since the classics here have clogged the arteries of activists of all colors.
We can bluntly ask the question, how would activists on the left pursue regime change if needed at a time when the planet is about to be trashed by a uniquely vulgar phony president whose legitimacy is itself in question? There is more to this in that the issue also revolves around rescuing democracy from a strange global cabal of authoritarian government on the right. There’s the catch: marxists fell out of sync with democratic initiatives. We have attempted to recast the issues as both the transition to postcapitalism and the completion of the democratic revolution in a mix that as it were brings communism to liberalism and thus liberalism to communism. This approach can free the whole question of revolutionary ideology from its degeneration into stalinism syndrome by simply saying goodbye to classic marxism/leninism and starting over with the obvious insight that a constitutional approach to a form of neo-communism can appeal to activists where now the demands for democracy in cliche mode automatically downshift all discussions into triviality and issue activism.
Still in virtual mode: this is still an exercise in free speech, and entirely legal, an important issue for the chattering teeth set that is wringing their hands over efforts to raise the minimum wage and get political idiots of multiple stripes to march on weekends.
So we must produce a comprehensive platform, propose it as revolutionary and yet proceed quite possibly with a kind of Third Party approach that move at first toward an electoral/evolutionary resolution, with a clear definition in that case of what we mean by the expropriation of the bourgeoisie, how we can proceed legally to the legal control of capital, first in a national context, thence to an international one, most hopefully. While we grant entirely the classic theme of the International we must consider the real issue: bringing the american juggernaut to a postcapitalist potential. It would be possible short of re-constitutional re-foundation to create a legal framework for the control of capital short of full expropriation.
We have devised a useful transitional version or versions that is called Democratic Market Neo-communism, based on the idea that new forms of economic in a mix of markets and planning can provide a bridge to a full postacapitalism.
This is perhaps too much for most and we confront the probably baseless versions like the Berniac ‘Our Revolution’ which seems to mean very little at this point. We should consider however that this can be one watered down compromise (or cop out) in relation to our larger framework that is NOT a project of social democratic reformism, but either a reformist or revolutionary path to a strong socialism in some form.
The reality is that we confront an ominous criminal rogue state and the only real option, no option at all it seems, is a revolutionary transformation that can:
take over the capitalist national security state
reconstitutionalize a socialist foundation
expropriate large-scale capital formation intro-boundary, with strong constraints extra-boundary
reform politics to free democracy from capital domination
introduce an ecological legal structure to mediate economic issues in the context of climate catastrophe
abolish the hidden government and expose the criminalities of imperialism, capitalist militarism, and out of control covert agencies.
this must include liberation from the Israeli conspiracy dominating current politics
this new system can function as an independent state socialism and/or a plug in component of an international….
this approach moves beyond the working class to the ‘universal class’ but the focal point of the latter might well be the transitional working class
The question of evolution/revolution is thus an integrated consideration that is open-ended. We have so far only pleaded to consider a virtual abstraction, but with a warning that its intent is serious social change…
Impossible? a million people marching on Washington could induce collapse.

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