R48G: neo-communism and the hyparchic future?

This is an older post based on the work of J.G. Bennett: we will begin a tutorial on his useful thinking next week…

Bennett and the concept of hyparxsis…
April 30th, 2018 •
R48G: neo-communism and the hyparchic future?
May 2nd, 2017 •
One of the reasons for my interest in Bennett is due to the way the study of the eonic effect rediscovered his odd framework of space/time.
The remarkable pattern of the eonic series and related parallel sidewinders is strikingly reminiscent of the action of the ‘eternity/hyparxis’ dimensions.
This analysis can help to understand how a discontinuous series can operate in a temporal context.
And we can see that the issue of postcapitalism (witness the muddled discussions of the end of history) is bound up in this kind of consideration of ‘virtual futures’ and directionality.
The question of hyparxis, at the risk of a botch of our account, might be considered with an analogy:
a writer has the plan in mind for a book, but this is still potential, and by analog ‘timeless/spaceless’. As he moves to compose the book the realization is an interaction of the potential idea with a temporal actualization and a series of parallel and/or sequential drafts, in a discontinuous series and or discontinuous set of alternates. The interaction of time and eternity is via the hyparchic dimension as just this discontinuous series as the book takes shape in a directional and willed action of creative writing. Early drafts suffer issues of quality and the cyclical hyparxis interaction with the potential generates an uphill qualitative transformation.
This writer’s World History and the Eonic Effect most probably gives us an example of this triple aspect of the temporal: the temporal stream of history shows an embedded discontinuous series in both successive and parallel (spatially discontinuous) and this is associated with the action to ‘climb Mt. Improbable’. The so-called macro sequence is just this kind of discontinuous realization of potential as the stream of history upgrades with eras of creative action. This phenomenon of the eonic effect in the Axial Age also shows clear cases of the parallel effect as the temporal stream actually (and most remarkably) shows a splitting of synchronous lines in the remarkable ‘transition zones’ of the Axial Age.

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