The shambles of judeo-xtianity: sooner or later the secular age will move beyond these religions, …soon!

The shambles of judeo-xtianity: sooner or later the secular age will move beyond these religions, …soon!
May 26th, 2018 •

The history of xtianity (or judeo-xtianity) is surely a shambles, a real humdinger of muddle stretched over centuries/millennia.

But it doesn’t follow that we can resolve its confusions in the standard vein of scientism. The reason can be seen in the way the emergence of monotheism correlates with the eonic effect (and/or the more limited version as the ‘axial age’), which shows the way monotheism as xtianity emerges in the wake of the israelite transition, a very complex phenomenon which produces a truly awesome set of confusions that have persisted to this day and become the truly cancerated ideology of zionism.
Xtians always claimed that judaism and xtianity should have been one religion but no such luck, a kind of demonic confusion invaded the whole subject. Talk about a shambles…
To understand monotheism then we need the eonic model (which distinguishes in its stream and sequence distinction the absolute onset of a ‘one god’ belief, cf. abraham or the akhnatism movement or earlier versions), and the relative transformation of the axial period, in israel and persia. The model warns us that the ‘greek enlightenment’ or emergent buddhism are correlated effects. We cannot claim ‘god’ produced an atheist religion. Clearly the eonic process is seeking variety and diverse effects in possible opposition. And the modern secular process is again related (and that can’t be equated with atheism, in the quite different movement beyond axial religion).
The israelites detected the eonic effect and thought is evidence of ‘god in history’, in the end a disastrous mistake.
The failure of the israelites to see the larger picture of the axial interval created an confusion that has never gone away. We see that the issue is not religion as such, or anything to do with ‘god’.
But the eonic model distinguishes the larger system action and ‘free action’, a warning that as history experiments with monotheism the actual outcome if the results of free agents, and the israelites must have been the worst choice for such a task. Monotheism is almost braindead from the start. But it doesn’t follow that the whole trend is completely wrong.
There is a mysterious ‘spiritual’ force behind the onset of xtianity and this ends up in the hands of the early xtians who were hardly any better at religion creation than the israelites…
The modern age is moving to liberate xtians/jews from their ancient confusions, but the tenacity of the whole shambles points tragically to more centuries of …a complete shambles…
The eonic model says nothing about ‘god in history’: the effect is something else.
The text ‘Enigma of the Axial Age’ goes into dangerous terrain and tries to sort out some of the confusions.
The new atheists have simply compounded the confusion…

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