Is the working class revolutionary?

Is the working class revolutionary?
May 12th, 2018
Although the classic focus on the working class remains the keynote of any real majoritarian/democratic initiative it is useful to consider the larger framework of the ‘universal class’ so-called
in order to really see the way in which social division as class struggle needs to yield to a platform that deals with all classes and subsets thereof. The working class focus can end up neglecting the real crisis Continue reading Is the working class revolutionary?

The eonic model beyond materialism/idealism

The eonic model beyond materialism/idealism
May 12th, 2018
We keep repeating our critique of marxist theory, suggesting a different approach, e.g. cf. WHEE:

One of the reasons to suggest the macro model of WHEE to replace historical materialism is that it can stand beyond materialist/idealist debates and operate at a higher level of abstraction, and…:
1. transcends the economic where HM emphasizes it
that allows a larger view of culture and shows a model where the economic is in principle a subcomponent Continue reading The eonic model beyond materialism/idealism

Reform or revolution redux…

R48G: reform or revolution redux…
September 6th, 2017 •

Our seemingly consistent critique of ‘reformist leftism’ is, of course, misleading because we have also made ‘compromise’ a studied angle with our idea of ‘virtual revolution’ which embraces the whole contradiction. That in addition to hybrid of markets and communism. This is not really compromise but quiet desperation. Continue reading Reform or revolution redux…