Debriefing Gurdjieffianity: Struggles Of the Black Magicians – 

This book grew out of the discussions at The Gurdjieff Con blog ( of the new age movement and its crypto-fascist tendencies, and the reactionary anti-modernism of many of the gurus who are still in the realm of the myth of the Kali Yuga with its implied will to power over the ‘modern’.
Given the current explosion of fascist this and that the discussions there were more than timely. I think Gurdjieff was too clever to be a fascist idiot, but he became aware even at the end of the nineteenth century of the percolating occult fascism of many of his contemporaries. He seem to have held his cards to his vest, and in the process tarnished perception of his ‘work’. He reflects the source of later idiots like Dugan and his appearance at the exact moment of the Russian upheaval is ominous and non-coincidental.
We have tried to rescue some of this work passed through the figure J.G.Bennett (The Dramatic Universe) as being far larger than the intellectual capital of one man, rather a transmission into a modern format of a very ancient legacy called ‘Samkhya’. We will re-introduce some of that here, it is too important to let a figure like Gurdjieff make a personal monopoly out of it…

How many marxist ‘materialists’ are aware of the occult attacks on the left of the period of mussolini/gurdjieff (plus some sneaky Tibetans)???

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