Muddle of evolution/economics

ideology shared in muddle of evolution/economics…//Evonomics – Scientific American
June 28th, 2018 •
Entire professions of economics and (darwinian) evolution remain fixated in a core set of fallacies, summarized in this boilerplate patch…

This statement is pure rubbish with so many fallacies it is almost incredible. The entire biological and economic community turns in circles around a core set of fallacies,
beginning with the fallacies of natural selection. Economies are designed for the simple reason that economic agents as designers create economic facts which add up to economies of some kind. Here the darwinian fallacy is taken to promote an anti-government ideology, when in reality there is a entire potential for top down economic strategies, especially at the point where unregulated capitalism has become so dangerous.
“As with living organisms and ecosystems, the economy looks designed—so just as humans naturally deduce the existence of a top-down intelligent designer, humans also (understandably) infer that a top-down government designer is needed in nearly every aspect of the economy. But just as living organisms are shaped from the bottom up by natural selection, the economy is molded from the bottom up by the invisible hand.”
Source: Evonomics—Scientific American

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