the darwin myth’s persistence…//Yuval Noah Harari, the sage of Silicon Valley.

Any world history that goes pop among the capitalist fixers in silicon valley immediately goes onto the ‘suspicious’ list. What illusion is Harari peddling that he gets reviewed by Bill Gates?

One might envy such success next to the boycotted World History and the Eonic Effect, but one can never envy junk evolution books. The latter is a book we can safely say will challenge the techo-celebrities. If this is unfair one can only warn that refried darwinism will always turn into social darwinism in the realm of the economic ideologies.

We commented on this book on the old ‘Darwiniana’ several times: in the final analysis the book is simply out of date with its obsolete darwinian framework and can offer no solution to the riddle of human evolution. Noone else can either but at least one should not give a pass to the natural selection pseudo-science that is the religion of the faux secularists.
World History and the Eonic Effect offers a glimpse of evolution, done right, and if the result is something the Darwin Propaganda Machine will boycott it will survive to the end of the ‘Paradigm’ intact. World histories come and go: WHEE is not exactly a world history but an xray of its peculiar and enigmatic dynamics.

Harari assures the engineers, the scientists, and the storytellers that they hold the power to transform the world.

Source: Yuval Noah Harari, the sage of Silicon Valley.

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