God in history??

God in history??
June 19th, 2018 •

For some readers the question of ‘god’ in history is an article of faith, but the eonic effect both shows how that thinking arose and why it is probably false.
In a strange irony the eonic model is a descendant of theistic historicism, hopefully setting the record straight.
The discussion in WHEE (world history and the eonic effect) completely disallows the idea of theistic historicism (of the judeo-xtian brands) but some will protest that the eonic effect can have no explanation that isn’t theistic: the effect is so stupendous that one is at a loss for explanation which will defy causal theory altogether: what can act over millennia in a teleological process that shows ‘intelligent’ manipulation of all levels of culture in a series of transitions that act on temporal timeslices of geographical regions, this globally in a precise timing….? The answer is, it looks like ‘god’ but the ‘god’ hypothesis won’t work. Consider some specifics: god is omnipotent, by definition. But the eonic effect is not the effect of omnipotent action by any means and shows all the limitations of space-time effects (but with some suspicions about spooky physics, and kantian noumena). Further an epochal series shows intermittent action and seems to switch on and off, where a divinity would be omnipresent at all times and places. etc… We have easily falsified the ‘god’ hypothesis, and further we should move cogently to ‘debrief’ the old testament mythology as having passed long ago its ‘sell by’ date. (to put it mildly).
In fact we have consistently adopted an agnostic approach to the eonic effect, relenting slightly in Enigma of the Axial Age (a follow up to WHEE) by considering a gaian level cosmological model of life/civilization, more a passing thought than an actual theory.
But the basic point is that we can detect the eonic effect without knowing what it is.

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