Is trump a fascist drone? is trump under hypnosis?

Is trump a fascist drone? is trump under hypnosis?
June 20th, 2018 •

we have explored here almost tacitly a rising suspicion of a new outbreak of ‘occult fascism’ (consider the discussions at, say, The Gurdjieff Con) in concert with a globsl trend toward global dictatorship along with the related but quite different attacks on democracy by figures like Putin (keepin in mind however such idiot fellow travellers like dugin…).
This may be a conspiracy theory til proven otherwise but unfortunately the proof is hard to come by. We ask no belief, only a warning of what occult politics can achieve in complete secrecy, almost complete..How do you prove that some dark yogi or lama hypnotized a politician three thousand miles away? you don’t. It is absolutely deadly, hypnosis by telepathy…
A look at The Shadow of the Dalai Lama might suggest the vast underground here, but that work is perhaps almost too elaborate: the perps have simpler tacticts…
It is very difficult to follow the trail here and rare are those who can detect the transnational version of a global ‘deep state’ aspect (there is no such state, only ominous omens…) of this trend.
Trump often appears to act as if hypnotized according to a script (and the russiagate line may be the best line of enquiry at the most direct level). He keeps doing things that seem deliberate attempts to undermine (american) democracy and/or pave the way to a post democratic global politics….

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