Protestant Reformed Secular Humanism:…’atheist’ xtianity…the rogue term ‘god’…

Protestant reformed secular humanism…’atheist’ xtianity…the rogue term ‘god’…
June 13th, 2018 •
As monotheism dissipates it might be helpful to recast secular humanism in a broader perspective. A typical example might be the design argument: an atheist can equally examine design arguments beyond fallacious efforts to theize such thinking …

Ironically the eonic effect shows the way beyond theistic historicism as found in the old testament…
Xtians themselves might do better with an ‘atheist’ xtianity, noting the quotation marks: the semantics of the rogue term ‘god’ are so protean we must be wary of general negations…
The eonic effect as evidence of a mysterious design?
January 10th, 2018 •
Design in history…? Marx’s historical materialism contains the ‘design’ argument of ‘stages of production’ theory…
December 8th, 2017 •
The charge of design thinking only makes sense for hard core darwinists.
In fact the evidence for ‘design’ in history is overwhelming, but the term ‘intelligent design’ is wrong because the term ‘intelligent’ tends to be crypto-theistic and implies a ‘mind’.
Who knows? Maybe Hegel was right…
Or Schopenhauer, with this ‘Will in Nature’?
Now it may be that I have underinterpreted the eonic effect which is a purely phenomenological model. And the evidence of ‘design’ is very strong indeed. But the term ‘hyper-intelligent’ (or hypo-intelligent) design might be better: ‘hyper-intelligent’ would mean some natural process that is a de facto equivalent to something/who that is ‘intelligent’.
An AI learning machine seems to be intelligent would be thus ‘hyper-intelligent’, ???
The evidence of design in history is given by the bare description of the ‘eonic effect’:
some kind of hyper-intelligent process stands behind historical emergence in the development of civilization. The evidence for saying this is very strong. We see some kind of hyper-machine that can regulate teleological functions over history, but in a way that ‘evolves freedom’ rather than producing determined outcomes.
Massively complex ‘machines’ perform this operating with directionality over tens of thousands of years and able to induce the stub beginnings of whole civilizations…etc…
World History and The Eonic Effect, fifth edition, Kindle/free PDF

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