Taking kant’s TI on provision

Taking kant’s TI on provision
June 21st, 2018 •

Being dogmatic about kant is going to backfire and the trend of the current culture will be to completely eliminate such a figure but his significance and that of TI (transcendental idealism) remains: the solution is simple, be aware of what he said, and take it dialectically on provision or as an hypothesis, and as a warning of the dangers of the simplifiers. And at this point the obstacle of quantum mechanics looms for stubborn realists, although a kantian resolution is to be sure not as such warranted. If the question of the noumenal is metaphysical then so is the extreme ‘materialism’ enforced by the flatlanders. Disagreeing with kant is no excuse for not being aware of the larger platonic warning that resurfaces in kant of the way we live in a limited dimension of culture…Quibbling philosophers will make short work of kant, or so they think: be wary, the whole question is treacherous, as is the monumentally confusing Critique of Pure Reason. Grasping the transcendental deduction can be almost impossible. Use secondary sources! Start with the antinomies and consider brian magee’s anecdote about grasping the essence of kant as a youth in bed pondering those mysterious logical contradictions: cf his Confessions of a Philosopher…
The antinomies of kant in the last section of the Critique show that ‘reality’ as taken doesn’t really make any sense…the demonstration is so simple that it is a mystery of platonic wisdom we are so deluded…etc…
And study the eonic effect: the mysterious sense that the pattern of history is partially invisible is related to the basic issue…

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